Family Services at McDougle Elementary are lead by the Family Specialists and serve as an integral part of the teaching and learning team.  A critical role of the Family Specialist is to develop a working relationship with families to support academic achievement for all students. The Family Specialist works to remove barriers which impede student success at school and serves as the link between home, school, and community.

What does the Family Specialist do?

  • Encourages students to be successful and to become productive members of society
  • Assists families in accessing community resources
  • Assists teachers in understanding the family dynamics of the student's life
  • Serves as a liason between home, school and community
  • Advocates for students and families
  • Provides parent education and staff development
  • Provides classroom observations and Social Developmental Assessments
  • Conducts home visits
  • Coordinates community referrals
  • Assists with crisis prevention and intervention
  • Meets with students individually or in small groups
  • Monitors attendance
  • Provides information and references on topics such as: mental health services, family violence, child abuse and neglect, financial hardship, learning and behavioral difficulties and basic needs